Welcome to NatsExoticCreations!

Extraordinary Art by Natalie Medina

Natalie Medina is a self-taught abstract artist. Her passion for painting began in November 2009, when she had a simple idea for a wedding gift, which eventually transformed into what is now known as NatsExoticCreations. Her works of art are rendered primarily in acrylic and textured mediums on surfaces such as canvas, wood and occasionally on recycled bottles. She creates abstract paintings that are edgy, energetic and memorable; drawing inspiration from old memories and current emotions. Natalie’s art resembles that of artist Jackson Pollock and Andy Warhol of whom she cites as her principal influence behind her art. With a modern twist on these abstract foundations, she has developed a sense of originality, refining her style and technique with each newly rendered piece. Her goal is to create uplifting messages through design, shapes and vibrant colors; never once losing the spontaneity that her racing emotions capture on canvas. Self-taught, passionate and with a vision all her own, she shares her newly discovered talent with the rest of the world.

“As an artist, I love creating abstract works of art, for they allow my mind to wonder, and allow me to freely express my emotions without any limits or boundaries.”

Even though Natalie is relatively still a newcomer to the world of art, she is pleased to share her works with collectors from around the world.